For International Women’s Day, Roger’s daughter, Annie Linnell gives us an insight into joining the family business and the impact of being a woman in a male dominated industry.



What made you want to join Linnell Bros?

A sense of belonging! Being a family business of 140 years, I felt a sense of pride to be able to continue working for the business that my great great grandfather established in 1880.

After a secretarial course, followed by a stint at Knight Frank, I felt ready to take up the challenge and bring with me, skills that I had learnt to help modernise Linnell Bros.


In a traditionally male industry, are you seeing the role of women change?

I am certainly seeing more female customers come through the door. Some with landscaping businesses and some DIY.


Do you that you think being a woman benefits the business?

Yes undoubtedly! I feel that customers who are unsure, find women more approachable and aren’t afraid to ask questions. An enjoyable, refreshing dynamic and overall better team-work, I hope!


What women in Linnell Bros past and present inspire you?

Women traditionally have taken a more supportive role. Once my great great grandfather went to the races and when he came home, his wife asked if he had had a good time. Following an affirmative reply, she said well that is good as you are not going again, you need to get back to work! Dad often recounts this and it really emphasises that women on our family have been the underlying driving force for so many generations.

Mum has been a huge inspiration to me as she worked incredibly hard when she was younger and made a huge sacrifice to look after Heidi and me and to support Dad. The rock of the family!


What are your aspirations for the business?

I would like to help modernise and make it more efficient. Also I am very interested in the environmental side.
After launching our new website, I am keen to work on the marketing and increase brand awareness.


What is current ratio of women to men in your generation?

In my generation, there are seven girls and four boys (one of which is Callum) so times are changing and watch this space!

Linnell Bros 5th Generation