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High Pressure Treatments

All of our timber is pressure treated using eco-friendly TANALITH E wood preservatives. Treatment is carried out in carefully controlled conditions on-site. The timber is placed in a vessel and is impregnated by either TANALITH E or TANATONE under pressure, thus the treatment is forced into the timber. This is known as UC4 standard and means that timber treated in this way is suitable for outdoor use or in permanent contact with the ground.

Linnell Bros Treatment Plant

We Are Transparent About Our Treatments, So You Can Build With Confidence

We partner with Arxada who are a leading name in worldwide wood protection. They provide innovative treatment and application technologies to extend the life of wood. Their leading wood protection brands include Tanalith™ and Tanasote™, these along with a full-service support, ensures that we maximise our timber offering and make the most of this sustainable and adaptable construction material.

The latest TANALITH E wood preservative is made from a unique combination of copper and organic biocide ingredients, which has over 20 years of proven performance around the world in providing the very best protection for timber. Its unique formulation has been extensively tested in the field and proven in practice.

TANALITH E wood preservative now comes with added BARamine technology which gives an even greater protection against wood decay as well as a deeper and more effective penetration into the timber, ensuring maximum durability and longevity of our treated timber.

The resulting TANALISED pressure treated timber has a natural pale green colouration. Fencing and landscaping timbers can also be treated with a built-in brown colouration, TANATONE.

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    Linnell Bros Treatment Plant 1
    Linnell Bros Treatment Plant
    Linnell Bros Treatment Plant

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