Over the past few years composite decking has become a huge hit in any landscaping task. It looks amazing, is really flexible with design and has a whole host of practical benefits too. 

If you plan to remodel your outdoor space, then here’s why you should consider composite decking:

7 Benefits of Having Composite Decking

Design and Aesthetics

Many people are concerned when it comes to composite decking as they worry that it won’t have the true appearance of wood. However, the appearance of composite decking has transformed in recent years, meaning that it now looks just like the real thing. 

It also comes in a range of colors and styles that will complement your outdoor space. This real wood effect comes on boards that are much lighter weight than traditional timber supplies and that are longer than traditional wood too. This means that you can be much more flexible with how you lay your composite decking as it’s easier to manoeuvre and covers a larger area.  


Composite decking offers a much longer-term solution to your outdoor design as it resists moisture and can stand up against all weather. Where timber decking may warp in the winter or begin to fade in the sun, composite boards will stand strong and look brand new for much longer with minimal maintenance due to their water and UV-resistant coating. 

With composite, you won’t even need to treat the boards to ward off mildew or mould as the wood-effect coating can simply be wiped clean. 


Over the winter, your traditional timber decking is prone to becoming slippery and coated with mould. This can cause a slip hazard when wet and can be a worry, especially if you have pets and children that like to play in the garden.

Composite decking actually reduces the risk of accidents significantly. Because it isn’t prone to mould build-up and is water-resistant, the rain will simply sweep away and you and your family can walk across the boards safely. 

Cost Efficient

Composite decking is long-lasting and much more reliable than traditional timber supplies. This means that decking brands are much more likely to cover the costs in warranties because the repairs required will be much less frequent. 

The composite option is also incredibly cost-effective as the boards will last much longer than timber – up to 25 years in comparison to the average of 8-10 years that timber has to offer. Although you may have an upfront cost, you won’t have to pay for the decking to be installed repeatedly. 

Low Maintenance

With composite, you’ll also save tons of money on staining, painting and treating the wood. Your composite already comes in multiple colour options and is created using a water-resistant material. This means that you’ll never have to treat it for woodworm, never have to repair warping or cracks from the wet weather and won’t have to deal with repainting due to fading. 

Eco-friendly and sustainable 

Composite decking has benefits for the environment too. So you can feel good about your new landscaping project. Composite decking is eco-friendly as it’s made from up to 99% recycled materials.

Because it lasts longer, there’s also much less waste involved in composite installation, so when you’re giving your garden a facelift, you’re also contributing to a greener future. 

worker installing wood plastic composite decking boards

Pest free

Bugs can be a huge problem for timber decking. They burrow into the wood creating unsightly holes and making your wood less stable. 

But because composite isn’t made of a material that bugs enjoy and is already covered in a resistant coating which makes burrowing impossible, you won’t find the need for regular pest control on your composite decking. 

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