Wood is still the go-to material when it comes to fencing, but in order for your fences to last, they will require some maintenance. To ensure your wooden fence is looking its best and lasts for as long as possible, we recommend completing regular maintenance on your fence at least once a year. Depending on the type of wood and weather conditions where you live though, you may need to do more frequent maintenance.


Cleaning the Fence

The first step in keeping up with your wooden fence should be cleaning it of dirt and mud. The best way to do this is with a pressure washer so that all debris can be cleared efficiently. Afterwards, use a wood cleaner and give the entire fence a good scrubbing before rinsing off any remaining cleaner residue. This will ensure you have a clean surface to work with – which can help reduce future staining and discolouration from debris.

Making Repairs

Once all of the wood is dry following cleaning, take a look around your wooden fence for any cracks or damage that needs repairing. Now would be an ideal time to make any necessary repairs if needed. To do this, you can use wood filler or replace fence panels if needed. To decide if replacing the wood is necessary, look to see if the damage compromises any of the wood’s structural integrity. If it does, then you should replace the wood rather than fill it in with wood filler. Make sure to check your fence posts too, as they are essential in keeping the fence strong.


For areas that have been repaired or feel rough, sand them down until they are smooth and even again. This will help prevent further cracking or splitting in those areas over time and between coats of stain. You can simply use sandpaper and a sanding block, paying close attention to any repairs you may have just made. For increased power and evenness, you can also use a power sander – but remember not to sand too much as this could damage the wood’s surface even more.

Staining the Fence

To protect your wood from extreme weather such as wind, rain and UV rays, finish off by staining the whole fence with suitable wood stain products. This will help protect the wood from any further damage or rot and give it a nice finish as well. If you want to keep up with your wooden fence’s maintenance, this step should be done every two years or so.

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