Engaging in gardening is a highly gratifying, enjoyable, and beneficial hobby that offers numerous positive aspects beyond initial expectations.

What Innovative Garden Design Ideas with Timber Decking Can you do?

Explore the fusion of visual allure and functional advantages by integrating timber decking into garden decking designs. This addition not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces but also brings about practical benefits, creating a harmonious and versatile environment for leisure and recreation.

Linnell Bros’ is dedicated to delivering top-notch timber decking materials, ensuring a remarkable transformation of any garden space. Their commitment reflects a focus on quality, guaranteeing that their products contribute to the enhancement and beautification of outdoor areas.

The Versatility of Timber Decking

Linnell Bros offers a diverse array of timber decking options, presenting a variety of wood types, finishes, and treatments to cater to individual preferences. Among their available timber options, the Planed All Round (PAR) timber stands out for its smooth finish, making it suitable for a multitude of applications like internal joinery and furniture construction. Linnell Bros proudly stocks a selection of Mixed Swedish PAR Softwood, providing customers with high-quality choices for crafting distinctive and durable garden spaces.

How can these options suit various garden styles?

  • Versatility of Timber Types: Linnell Bros’ diverse timber options cater to various garden styles, adapting to the sleek lines of modern designs or the timeless appeal of traditional settings.
  • Finish Variety: With different finishes available, from natural to stained or painted, the decking options can seamlessly integrate into modern aesthetics or complement the classic charm of traditional gardens.
  • Customization Possibilities: The flexibility in finishes and treatments allows for tailored solutions, ensuring that each decking choice harmonises with the unique elements of any garden style, be it modern or traditional.

Multi-Level Decking

Multi-level decking introduces a dynamic dimension to garden landscapes, offering a visually engaging and functional design. By incorporating elevated platforms, distinct zones for various activities emerge, enriching the outdoor experience:

  • Depth and Visual Interest: Multiple deck levels create a layered effect, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the garden and providing a visually intriguing landscape.
  • Functional Segmentation: The different levels serve specific purposes, such as dining, lounging, or gardening, ensuring each area is dedicated to its intended function.
  • Seamless Transition: Gradual transitions between levels maintain a fluid connection, preventing the space from feeling disjointed and promoting a harmonious flow.
  • Enhanced Entertaining Spaces: Multi-level decking allows for the creation of distinct entertainment areas, fostering a versatile environment for hosting gatherings or relaxing alone.
  • Landscaping Opportunities: Elevated platforms provide opportunities for creative landscaping, incorporating plants, flowers, or even small trees, contributing to the overall beauty of the garden.
  • Utilisation of Sloped Terrain: Particularly beneficial on sloped terrain, multi-level decking adapts to the landscape, maximising usable space and transforming challenging areas into functional and appealing zones.


Integrated Planters

In the world of garden decking, clever designs bring nature right into the picture by putting built-in planters in the mix. These designs are like a perfect dance between the wooden decks and the plants. 

Picture this – the decking not only gives you a cosy spot but also makes room for plants to show off their colours. It’s like having a tiny garden in the very place where you chill. The garden decking becomes a cool hangout where flowers and green friends join in, making the whole space feel alive and happy. It’s a simple yet brilliant way to enjoy nature right at home.

Curved Decking 

Curved decking offers a delightful twist to garden design, utilising the flexibility of timber to craft organic and flowing layouts that harmonise with the natural landscape. By incorporating gentle curves into the decking, it mimics the fluidity found in nature, seamlessly blending with the surroundings.

  • Natural Flow: Curved timber decking introduces a natural, flowing element to the garden layout, mimicking the organic shapes found in nature. It avoids rigid lines, creating a more relaxed and harmonious environment.
  • Landscape Integration: The curves in the decking design seamlessly integrate with the natural contours of the landscape, enhancing the overall aesthetic and promoting a sense of unity between the constructed space and the environment.
  • Visual Interest: Curved decks add visual interest by breaking away from traditional straight lines, capturing attention and creating a dynamic focal point within the garden.
  • Soft Transitions: Curves allow for smooth transitions between different areas of the garden, providing a gentle and inviting pathway that encourages exploration and enjoyment of the outdoor space.


Outdoor rooms 

Decking becomes the architectural maestro in outdoor spaces, orchestrating the creation of distinct ‘rooms’ for various activities. It transforms gardens into functional masterpieces, offering delineated areas for outdoor kitchens, fire pit lounges, or secluded retreats. 

This strategic design not only maximises utility but also enhances the overall appeal, turning the garden into a versatile haven where each decked-out ‘room’ invites a unique experience, be it culinary delights, cosy fireside chats, or moments of serene retreat.

Decorative timber garden decking

Eco-Friendly choices 

Linnell Bros prioritises sustainability by offering eco-friendly timber decking options. Linnell Bros assures customers of timber sourced from responsibly managed forests compliant with Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) standards. This commitment guarantees environmentally sound practices, emphasising sustainable sourcing and responsible forestry, ensuring that every purchase supports certified and ethical timber production.


Opting for sustainable timber supports responsible forestry practices, reducing the carbon footprint and fostering a healthier ecosystem. Linnell Bros’ commitment to eco-conscious choices empowers customers to create a stunning outdoor environment while making a positive impact on the planet.


Maximising Small Spaces:

  • Optimal Layout: Strategically position timber decking to maximise available space, creating functional areas for seating or container gardening.
  • Vertical Elements: Integrate vertical elements like raised planters or trellises to add interest without occupying valuable floor space.
  • Light Colours: Choose lighter-coloured decking materials to reflect light, giving the illusion of a larger space and creating an airy atmosphere.
  • Furniture Selection: Opt for space-efficient furniture and foldable elements to enhance versatility and make the most of limited space.

Maintenance and durability 

Preserve the longevity and beauty of timber decking by cleaning regularly with a soft brush and mild detergent. Apply wood preservatives or sealants to protect against weathering and choose products available from Linnell Bros for quality assurance. Periodically check for damage or splinters, sanding and treating promptly to maintain the deck’s integrity and appeal.

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Timber revolutionises garden decking and  design, offering transformative potential through innovative ideas. 

Linnell Bros, experts in supplying top-quality timber products, are committed to realising customers’ dream garden designs. 

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