What we can do

Our Mill and Treatment facilities are the two hearts of our business and what make it such a success. They enable us to produce and manufacture a range of timber supplies from standard blanks, quickly and to individual specification.

Linnell Bros Mill 3 Linnell Bros Mill 4

In The Mill we carry out X-cutting, Re-sawing, Recessing, V-notching, Morticing as well as manufacturing bespoke orders. We also make a range of gates which are available to view here. We use the following machines in our Mill; 2 multi head morticers, optimising x-cut, standard pull x cuts, multi head v-notching saw, single head v-notching saw, re-saw, pedestal drilling, hauncher for RND topping pales, single face planner, 4 cutter planner, spindle moulder, tenon machine, over head planner and table saw for ply cutting.

A few examples

Due to our large stockholding, on-site mill and treatment plant, we are able to offer an extremely quick turnaround from order to delivery. For example, a customer rang on Wednesday requesting a set of gates and fencing. The order was delivered to their yard on Friday morning after being treated and the posts all morticed.
On Friday, another customer requested 170 birdmouth posts. They were produced the same day and delivered on Tuesday after being cross-cut, notched and treated.

Something a bit Special

If you are looking for something more bespoke, then we hope to be able to help. Paul Harris heads up our bespoke department and has been with Linnell Bros for over twenty years. From panda enclosures within safari parks to bridges and pontoons on private estates, Paul’s detailed drawings account for every bit of notching and every measurement – a true work of art!

Linnell Bros Bespoke Gates Drawing
A bespoke Gate Drawing by Paul
Linnell Bros Bespoke Gate Drawing
A bespoke Gate Drawing by Paul

Linnell Bros Bespoke Barn Doors Linnell Bros Bespoke School Mouse and Cheese FencingLinnell Bros Bespoke Fencing Linnell Bros Bespoke Deer Fencing Linnell Bros Bespoke Bridge Linnell Bros Bespoke Fencing

Wooden Gates

Last year, over 1,000 wooden 5-bar gates were made from scratch. Near to 2,000 closeboard gates. Nine out of ten times, the team are manufacturing bespoke wooden gates. They prefer to stick to our gate brochure but will of course, look at other options! All of the gates are softwood apart from the Country range. If there are no pressing orders, the team are always busy stock-piling the best-sellers!

Linnell Bros Bespoke Gates installed by the Constant Gardener
Installed by the Constant Gardener

People in the Mill

Steve is in charge of the Mill and his skill and craftsmanship is second to none! There are currently four gate-makers and six people in the workshop.

Get in touch

From an immensely quick turnaround to being able to make almost anything, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us by email on 01327 354422 or email info@linnellbros.co.uk. To view some images of our finished product, take a look at our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Linnell Bros Mill